Hello everyone, today's post is different than usual. Sometimes I feel inspired to make "creative" images for my Flickr, and this time, my outfit is composed in its majority by amazing group gifts, so I thought it was worth to share the picture and the credits with you in my blog.
For the dress I combined the latest group gifts from Purplemoon. From the "Linnda Gown - Halloween Edition" I used all the pieces except: "Feathers" and "Collar". And from the "Dark Couture Outfit"  I only used the "Collar" piece.
I hope my english is clear enough ^_^

The skin is another excellent gift that you should have. Is the "Halloween group gift" from New Faces, and I love it. This is the first time I visit the store, I've tried all the demos and I can't choose just one :3.  The eyes are from New Faces as well, you can buy the pack with 5 different tones for only 50L$. In the picture I've used the eyes in color black.

That is all, now run to the stores and have a glamorous halloween! :)



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